men's rings in all metalsOur men’s rings collection is the largest in the city, offering hundred’s of designs in every metal. We custom make rings in white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. Also, we carry designer rings in alternative and modern metals. To understand the benefits of each metal you can visit our metals guide. Visit our showroom to see and try on rings from over 300 in-store selections.

We’ve created a few photo galleries for you to sample each collection below:

Tungsten Carbide

Black Zirconium

Cobalt Chrome

Damascus Steel

Mokume and Wood Inlay


We also create your ring in Platinum, (Yellow, Green, and White) Gold, Silver, and Stainless Steel

Platinum ring with Rose Gold and a beautiful natural diamond

Rings created for M O S H I R I in various metals and inlays in alternative metals

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